SSS Cup, Saturday 1st October 2016 at Royal Lakeside

Results – SSS Cup

#NameTGA No HCPSlope HCPGroupPlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsBirdiesPutts
1Jan Larsen31509213501291011.2A10774110231
2Christian Stenhammar21005185391291719.2A178640835
3Björn Richardson30509120901291820.1A189036633
4Joel Tärning30806164951291011.0A1083355235
5Jens OlssonPSC1519112999.8A98334427
6Namfon Plengsunthie21407206871281617.6A159233332
7Erik Dahlström30711150681291820.1A189432231
8Juha Saarinen106061269112999.7A886311131
9Petcharat Jiambutr10208075261281314.5A139130131
10Pelle Pettersson20804162371291112.0A10952936
11Frank Roost21507212701291719.1A17992835
12Göran Prestby31312205401291415.8A14902733
Björn Bjerkaas20512123301291618.3A16
#NameTGA NoHCPSlope HCPGroupPlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsBirdiesPutts
1Kenneth Hovmoller21206199111292023.1B2087411032
2Dennis Christensen20511121991292630.0B2695408239
3Flemming Heide21007186311292629.3B269638633
4Ole Madsen10204057371292325.9B2310135535
5Chantana Strand21410208281282022.1B199434431
6Tommy Krogh20806163831292731.2B2710134333
7Mikael Olsson31202196981292123.4B209632228
8Ole Petter Øksne21210201301292730.5B2710332135
9Roby Janssens10407107931291921.8B19983036
10Bengt Strand21410208291292528.1B251042936
11Leo Alexandersen20511122151292224.5B211052437
12Thomas Fatzler21110195471292224.8B221092239
13Jan Cederwall20511122121292326.5B231172133
14Sverre Haug10204054811292832.4B281201932
#NameTGA NoHCPSlope HCPGroupPlay HCPGrossPointsBirdiesPutts
1Birgitta Olsson312021969712832.937C331232033
#NameTGA NoNetBirdiesPutts
1Oliver Persson21504210951290G/CC0711
2Carl Henin1290G/CC0742
3Torben Hojbjerg21003184681290G/CC074
4Dan Enstedt31302202551290G/CC076
5Jyrki Komulainen      21406206811290G/CC0771
6Rasmus Höiland1290G/CC077
7Robin Thuresson21412208761290G/CC079
8Anne-Marie Hauslo20512123221280G/CC079
9Knut Hauslo20605126411290G/CC080
10Oddvar Skrebergene1290G/CC095
11Morten Gregersen1290G/CC0101
12China Johnny1290G/CC0
13Anders Petrii1290G/CC0
14Helen Savmyr1280G/CC0
15Kenny Savmyr1290G/CC0
Nearest Pinhole # 3Juha Sarrinen
hole # 6Charl Henin
hole # 12Joen Tarning
hole # 15Dennis Christensen
Longest driveLadiesChantana Strand
MenJan Larsen

Startlist – SSS Cup

NameTGA NoSlopeHPCSLOPE HPCGroupPlay HPCTee-BoxFlight #Tee time
Erik Dahlström307111506812917.620A181111.36
Jan Cederwall205111221212923.226B231111.36
Joel Tärning30806164951299.611A101111.36
Christian Stenhammar210051853912916.819A171211.43
Björn Richardson305091209012917.620A181211.43
Juha Saarinen10606126911298.510A81211.43
Jyrki Komulainen      21406206811290CC01211.43
Birgitta Olsson312021969712832.937C331311.50
Dan Enstedt31302202551290CC01311.50
Göran Prestby313122054012913.816A141311.50
Mikael Olsson312021969812920.523B201311.50
Oddvar Skrebergene1290CC01411.57
Ole Petter Øksne212102013012926.730B271411.57
Oliver Persson21504210951290CC01411.57
Robin Thuresson21412208761290CC01411.57
Petcharat Jiambutr102080752612812.814A131512.04
Roby Janssens104071079312919.122B191512.04
Bengt Strand214102082912924.628B251512.04
Chantana Strand214102082812819.522B191512.04
Pelle Pettersson208041623712910.512A101612.11
Jens OlssonPSC151911298.610A91612.11
China Johnny1290CC01612.11
Anders Petrii1290CC01612.11
Helen Savmyr1280CC010711.36
Kenny Savmyr1290CC010711.36
Carl Henin1290CC010711.36
Namfon Plengsunthie214072068712815.518A1510711.36
Anne-Marie Hauslo20512123221280CC010811.43
Sverre Haug102040548112928.432B2810811.43
Knut Hauslo20605126411290CC010811.43
Björn Bjerkaas20512123301291618A1610811.43
Dennis Christensen205111219912926.330B2610911.50
Rasmus Höiland1290010911.50
Kenneth Hovmoller212061991112920.223B2010911.50
Frank Roost215072127012916.719A1710911.50
Tommy Krogh208061638312927.331B27101011.57
Morten Gregersen12900101011.57
Flemming Heide210071863112925.729B26101011.57
Jan Larsen31509213501299.811A10101011.57
Torben Hojbjerg21003184681290CC0101112.04
Ole Madsen102040573712922.726B23101112.04
Thomas Fatzler211101954712921.725B22101112.04
Leo Alexandersen205111221512921.525B21101112.04
Technical prizes and details:
Sponsor:SSS Cup
Venue:Royal Lakeside
Date:Saturday 1st October 2016
Tee Boxes:Red for ladies and White for men
Welcome & briefing:11.15
First Tee Off Time:11.36
Nearest Pin:All par 3's
Longest Drive:
General rules:Gimmie, Yes, if circle
Pick up if no points and mark 3 puts. CC/Guest pick up if par +5
Use drop-zones where designated

Tournament Details

Name: SSS Cup
Place: Royal Lakeside, Bangkok
Date: Saturday 1st October 2016
Sponsors: SSS & ZabaiGolf
Registration: 09.30-11:00 Registration
Briefing: 11.15 Briefing in the restaurant
Tee off: 11.36 1st Tee-off hole 1 and hole 10
Dinner: After golf - Dinner and drinks at the club house
Tournament Fee: Tournament Fee: THB 2.000 including green-fee, caddie-fee and dinner with drinks. Guest players pay an additional guest fee of THB 500

Dinner Guests: Price for guests joining for dinner only is THB 1.200 per person, payable at the restaurant.
Payment: CASH ONLY.

Google Map: - Click Here!

Hope to see old & new faces there!

SSS Golf committee

Signed Up Players

Erik Dahlström, , ,
 Leo Alexandersen, , ,
 Ole Madsen, , ,
 Morten Gregersen, , ,
 Petcharat Jiambutr, Roby Janssens, ,
 Knut Hauslo, Anne-Marie Hauslo, ,
 Bjørn Bjerkaas, , ,
 Sverre Haug, , ,
 Flemming Heide, , ,
 Jan Cederwall, , ,
 Dennis Christensen, Rasmus Højland, Kenneth Hovmøller, Frank Roost
 Jan Larsen, , ,
 Helen Savmyr, Kenny Savmyr, ,
 Pelle Pettersson, Jens Olsson, China Johhny,
 Namfon Plengsunthie, Christian Stenhammar, ,
 Mr.Pettri, , ,
 Tommy Krogh, , ,
 Mikael Olsson, Birgitta Olsson, ,
 Bengt strand, Chantana Strand, ,
 Bjorn Richardson, , ,
 Göran Prestby, Dan Enstedt, ,
 Juha Saarinen, , ,
 Torben Hojbjerg, , ,
 Joel Tarning, , ,
 Ole Petter Øksne, Oddvar Skrebergene, ,
 jyrki komulainen, , ,
 Robin Thuresson, Oliver Persson, ,
 Thomas Fatzler, , ,