Sherwin Williams Cup

Sherwin Williams Cup
Vintage Golf Course, Saturday 22nd April 2017


#NameTGA NoHCPSlopePlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsPuttsBirdies
1Jens OlssonPSC151917.41136724210322
2Frode BrandtPSC132639113878388291
3Petcharat Jiambutr102080752611.3113108038629HIO
4Staffan LyrestamPSC 1531715.91131484385282
5Jan Larsen315092135010.1113980374302
6Bjarne Kjersner20610130796113578353301
7Christian Stenhammar210051853916.51131487352331
8Joel Tärning30806164959.1113885311301
9Pelle Pettersson20804162379.111388830301
10Ole Madsen10204057371811316943033
11Juha Saarinen10606126917.81137882930
12Namfon Plengsunthie214072068716.511314932935
13Wichien Harnpraween      307111478117.311315932928
14Håkan Nylander208111706816.211314972732
15Filip Karlsson2140220572181131610325321
#NameTGA NoHCPSlopePlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsPuttsBirdies
1Roby Janssens1040710793201131890381031
2Kenneth Hovmoller212061991118.61131689368291
3Erik Dahlström307111506820.31131890366341
4Dan Enstedt313022025519.3113179333526
5Ole Petter Øksne212102013026.8113239833429
6Jan Cederwall205111221224.31132110329334
7Flemming Heide210071863123.61132110628236
8Sverre Haug102040548127.81132410628132
9Mattias Wallin205111229721.1113181052634
#NameTGA NoHCPSlopePlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsPuttsBirdies
1Eini Enstedt313022025431.1113271033137
#NameTGA NoHCPGrossNetBirdies
1Kaj Rosander309101809711387702
2Dan Jr Enstedt1138672
3Helen Savmyr11392721
3Martin Mann11392721
5Kenny Savmyr1139275
6Anne-Marie Hauslo205121232211310875
7Knut Hauslo206051264111311280
8Mats Olsson11310281
9Kerstin Rosander309101809611310781
10Panos Plegas11311586
Nearest Pinhole # 2Kaj Rosander
hole # 8Ole-Petter Öksne
hole # 11K.Petcharat - HOLE IN ONE
hole # 16Pelle Pettersson
Longest driveLadiesK.Fon
MenMats Olsson


NameTGA NoSlopeHPCSLOPE HPCGroupPlay HPCTee-BoxFlight #Tee time
Flemming Heide210071863123.611324B211111.39
Ole Madsen10204057371811318A161111.39
Knut Hauslo20605126411130CC01111.39
Ole Petter Øksne212102013026.811327B231111.39
Joel Tärning30806164959.11139A81211.45
Håkan Nylander208111706816.211316A141211.45
Juha Saarinen10606126917.81138A71211.45
Jan Larsen315092135010.111310A91211.45
Wichien Harnpraween      307111478117.311317A151311.51
Petcharat Jiambutr102080752611.311311A101311.51
Roby Janssens10407107932011320B181311.51
Sverre Haug102040548127.811328B241311.51
Panos Plegas1130CC01411.58
Kenny Savmyr1130CC01411.58
Helen Savmyr1130CC01411.58
Kaj Rosander30910180971130CC01512.04
Kerstin Rosander30910180961130CC01512.04
Martin Mann1130CC01512.04
Pelle Pettersson20804162379.11139A810811.39
Jens OlssonPSC151917.41137A610811.39
Frode BrandtPSC1326391139A810811.39
Staffan LyrestamPSC 1531715.911316A1410811.39
Bjarne Kjersner206101307961136A510911.45
Kenneth Hovmoller212061991118.611319B1610911.45
Erik Dahlström307111506820.311320B1810911.45
Filip Karlsson21402205721811318A1610911.45
Christian Stenhammar210051853916.511317A14101011.51
Mattias Wallin205111229721.111321B18101011.51
Namfon Plengsunthie214072068716.511317A14101011.51
Jan Cederwall205111221224.311324B21101011.51
Dan Enstedt313022025519.311319A17101111.58
Dan Jr Enstedt1130CC0101111.58
Eini Enstedt313022025431.111331C27101111.58
Anne-Marie Hauslo20512123221130CC0101111.58
Technical prizes and details:
Sponsor:Sherwin Williams
Venue:The Vintage Club
Date:Saturday 22 April 2017
Tee Boxes:TBA
Welcome & briefing:11.20
First Tee Off Time:11.39
Nearest Pin:All par 3's
Longest Drive:TBA
General rules:Gimmie, Yes, if circle
Pick up if no points and mark 3 puts. CC/Guest pick up if par +5
Use dropzones where designated

Tournament Details

Name: Sherwin Williams Cup
Place: The Vintage Club
Date: , Saturday 22nd, April 2017
Sponsors: Sherwin Williams
Estimatyed times & fees:
Registration: 10.00-11.15 Registration
Briefing: 11.20 Briefing at club house
Tee off: 11.39 - Hole 1 and hole 10
Dinner: After golf: Dinner buffet with drinks at the club house restaurant
Tournament Fee:THB 1.950 including green-fee, caddie-fee and dinner with drinks.
Guest players: pay an additional guest fee of THB 500.
Dinner Guests: Dinner guests not joining golf will be charged THB 1.000 for dinner/drinks.

Payment: CASH ONLY.

Google Map: - Click Here!

Hope to see old & new faces there!

SSS Golf committee

Signed Up Players

Tom Kvasir, , ,
 Jan Larsen, , ,
 Ole Madsen, , ,
 Dan Enstedt, Eini Enstedt, ,
 Pelle Pettersson, Jens Olsson, Frode Brandt, Staffan Lyrenstam
 Håkan Nylander, Joel Tärning, ,
 leo alexandersen, , ,
 petcharat jiambutr, Roby Janssens, ,
 Kenny Savmyr, Helen Savmyr, ,
 Sverre Haug, , ,
 Bjarne Kjersner, , ,
 DuglasebiChaipWU, Slinky, Bailaim, CFB
 Kenneth Hovmoller, , ,
 Juha Saarinen, , ,
 Wichien Harnpraween, , ,
 Erik Dahlstrom, , ,
 Kaj Rosander, Kerstin Rosander, ,
 Knut Hauslo, Anne-Marie Hauslo, ,
 Namfon Plengsunthie, Christian Stenhammar, ,
 Flemming Heide, , ,
 Ole Petter Øksne, , ,
 Ole Madsen, , ,
 Mattias Wallin, , ,
 Dan Jr Enstedt, , ,
 Panos Plegas, , ,
 leo alexandersen, , ,
 Jan Cederwall, , ,
 filip Karlsson, , ,