Rules & Regulations

Rules – Registration

The play is officially according to the rules of golf as published by the USGA and The Royal and Ancient.In order to speed up the game and make it possible for the Golf Committee to find the right winners without too many mistakes and double checks, SSS Golf Section finds it useful to add some regulations to be followed by the players.

The Golf Committee is responsible for the rules of the Golf Section and has the final authority when disputes occur concerning the Golf Section rules, Golf section membership, SSS handicap and SSS competitions.

  • The play will be either Stableford play or Stroke play. Handicaps might be adjusted according to the slope rate of the golf course or by 7/8 for Stableford or 3/4 for stroke play. Details will always be announced during the briefing. Pick up the ball when the MAXIMUM STROKES allowed are reached (or no Stableford points).
  • There will normally be no HCP seeding and both male and female players, low and high HCP will play in the same flights. Special requests can be made during registration at If a tournament goes over two or more days, seeding may be used on the second and following days.
  • The lowest HCP player in each flight will be responsible for the discipline and that rules & regulations are being followed.
  • Scorecards shall be exchanged between players in each group/flight (not caddies !!!). Both the player and the marker must sign the scorecard.
  • Number of puts shall be written on the scorecards. If the ball is picked up because of maximum strokes, 3 putts shall be written on the scorecard.

    Some of the major prizes or cups can only be won by players in Group A & B (non-professionals). Technical prizes (except hole-in-one prize) are not restricted and can be won by any player.

    Members have to register all their scorecards to Thailand Golf Association ( This also includes scorecards, from games/tournaments which are not arranged by SSS. Your handicap will as per TGA – unless you have a lower handicap from another club.

    You can register your scorecard in the follow ways:
    1. Online registration on
    2. Send your scorecard via (normal) mail to TGA office

    The Golf Committee will after each tournament send the scorecards to TGA. Members’ handicaps can be found at It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure that his/her data (scorecards) which are used for handicap calculation is correct. It is therefore recommended to regularly check The Golf Committee takes no responsibility if scorecards are missing, wrong handicap etc.

    Members are entitled to enter a tournament declaring a handicap which is lower than their official TGA handicap. This could for example be the case if a Member, who as per his/her handicap is playing in the B Group, wants to compete in the A group.

    All Players, also Members, with no official TGA handicap will play in Group CC following the Callaway system.

    Members: Anyone with an official TGA handicap who is a member in Scandinavian Society Siam and the Golf Section plays in one of the member categories, Group A, B or C.

    Guests: Guests always play in Group CC.

    Professionals: Anyone who is teaching golf and/or plays as a professional.

    Groups: Members are divided into 3 groups (as per TGA handicap): Group A: Handicap 0 - 18.4 Group B: Handicap 18.5 - 28.4 Group C: Handicap 28.5 - 36.0 Group CC: Members with no official TGA handicap and Guests.

    Players will exchange scorecard before the game (caddies are not allowed to register/write the scorecards). It is the responsibility of each individual player to ensure that his/her scorecard is filled in the scorecard correctly by the marker. Gross score, Stableford points, number of putts and birdies should also be clearly registered.

    The player will lose the right to claim any prizes for the tournament if the scorecard is not filled out correct (please remember to sign the scorecards as well).

    If two or more players have the same score, the person with the lowest handicap will win.

    If two or more players are still even, the ranking will be decided from the best score fromhole 10 to 18.

    If still even, from hole 13 to 18, then from hole 16 to 18, and then last hole.

    If still even, the final ranking will be decided by draw.

    All announcements and communication will be via and It is the responsibility of the members to regularly check the website for updates.

    The will be a briefing 30 min before first tee-off time - which amongst others include the tournament rules. 

    Tournament registration:
  • Please sign up at to confirm your participation. The deadline is Tuesdays at 6.00 PM before tournament day. It is possible to make special requests/comments. Guest players should also indicate their approximate handicap.
  • A star list with flight and tee-off times will be posted at the website no later than Thursday at 12.00 (noon).
  • Players who have registered after the deadline, may not be on the start list. Flights/tee-times will then be assigned on tournament days before the briefing.
  • In case of a "no show" (which also means not being at ready 10 min before tee-off time), then this player has to bring a special prize for lucky draw at the next tournament.
  • The Committee will also prepare scorecards indicating name, TGA #, flight number, handicap, and holes where technical prizes will be awarded.
  • Local tournament rules:
  • Only Group C, CC and guests players are allowed to use drop zones. Group A and B have to follow USGA
  • Unless specifically announced in advance by the Golf Committee, then the use of golf carts is not allowed. However, the exceptions may be granted to players who for medical reasons are unfit to walk 18 holes. A specific request has to be made during registration and the Golf Committee might require a medical certificate as documentation.
  • The Golf Committee may change the rules of the Golf Section for a specific SSS tournament in cooperation with the sponsor.
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