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Season for 16/17 started with Wissen Cup at Thana City on 27 August.
Thanks all that came an we hope for many more great events.

Best Regards,
SSS Golf & Christian S

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Season Start 2016-17 – Tournament #1, Wissen Cup

Wissen Cup Thana City, Bangkok, Saturday 27th August 2016 Results – Wissen Cup, August 27 2016 #NameTGA No HCPSlope HCPGroupPlay HCPGrossPointsMVP PointsBirdiesPutts 1Jan Larsen31509213501281011.1A1081371032 1Joel Tärning30806164951281011.1A10813710134 3Frode BrandtPSC132631281011.7A1081356328 4Ole Holm21502210181281516.4A1488355230 5Christian Stenhammar21005185391281719.0A179234432 6Jan Hammarlund21204198031281010.8A985323135 7Christer Holmvall30910181421281617.7A159132234 8Wichien ...
Black Mountain Huan Hin

Race To Black Mountain – Top 5

1Jan Larsen10
2Kenneth Hovmoller10
3Joel Tärning8
4Leo Alexandersen8
5Frode Brandt6
6Mattias Wallin6
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TOP 5 Putting

1Mattias Wallin27.0
2Frode Brandt28.0
3Jens Olsson28.0
4Oscar Rolfsson28.0
5Bjarne Kjersner28.0
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